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When a business has a multiple clients, the fear of not being paid on time or even not at all is always a risk.  Sometime businesses credit insure their debts to ensure they are covered in the event that a company doesn’t pay.

However, credit insurance is expensive and usually covers the larger clients that always pay, not the smaller ones that you need covered !

Business loans can be used for a variety of purposes:

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tick Cashflow   tick Asset purchase

There is alternatives – invoice finance allows you to draw down funds against the invoice that is owed, giving you instant cash flow. You can have bad debt protection built in to these facilities, which means if the client refused to pay or became insolvent, the money you have drawn down is insured which means that this wouldn’t have a direct affect on your business and cash flow.

Business Finance deal with a variety of lenders who consider all circumstances.

Our Services

Looking for business loans can be confusing. iBusinessFinance will explain your options and assist in finding the right product for you.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Discounting is a funding-only solution, more suited to businesses with an existing credit control function in-house. Finance is put in place and you remain in full control of collecting payments from your customers


Factoring is ideal for smaller businesses without an established accounts team or those who want the benefits of the finance and an infrastructure to chase down payments that are overdue.

Business Loans

For companies that may not be able to offer security but need a fast injection of cash, an Unsecured Business Loan could be a viable option for you. We can offer Loans of all sizes to help get your business back on track.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) works similarly to funding your unpaid invoices. But, with a confidential facility, your customers will be unaware and not informed a facility is in place.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Credit Assurance

Finding the right provider is most important when looking for business loans.  Invoice finance enables you to do this by releasing cash tied up in outstanding invoices, giving you an immediate cash injection and an ongoing supply of cash that grows in line with your sales.Whether you are a small start-up business looking for a business loan or a larger organisation looking for a cash injection to fund expansion plans, as long as you are trading on credit terms within the business to business marketplace you can benefit from invoice finance.

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